Management of Employment Offices

cividas EMPLOYMENT provides an Administration with tools that allow them to centralize and manage all tasks related to public training services and the promotion of new job creation.

The Administrations´ tasks regarding employment consists of different types of services, ranging from the registration of jobseekers and employers, to the organization of training courses and workshops. The manual handling of these tasks leads to errors, inefficiency and a lack of all the possible advantages offered by traceability.

cividas EMPLOYMENT aims towards the centralization and coordination of all these activities, creating a link between businesses, citizens and governments. It allows the storing and referring of job offers and job applications with all its documentation (updated CV, company registration, itineraries). In addition, the Administration is provided the tools that allow them to control the use the resources (staff, classrooms, training material) and manage them more efficiently.

cividas EMPLOYMENT features

  1. Job openings and applications
    • Receiving, publishing and tracking of job openings and applications submitted by citizens and businesses.
  2. Interviews, training and documentation
    • Management of appointments between citizens and the Administration´s staff.
    • Management of training course: booking and registration of attendees.
    • Online registration and information regarding courses.
    • Generation of supporting documents: attendance sheets, student records, diplomas, etc.
    • Curriculum management, registration of companies and itineraries.
    • Integration with the cividas e-GOV registry.
  3. Resource Management
    • Check availability of classrooms and inventory.
    • Book classrooms, workshops and support materials.
    • Fast display of required and available resources to perform a certain activity.
  4. Consultation and communication
    • Consult of users, vacancies and job applications by keywords.
    • Communicating with users through post (label printing), e-mail and SMS, including the possibility of sending multiple messages.
    • Generation of reports and graphs.

Success Story

Innovative tools to boost employment area

  1. Limited and obsolete applications in the area of employment

    In 2010, a Spanish municipality offered training courses for unemployed people. For the past 15 years, these courses were being managed through several applications, one for each type of course.

    The municipality had a population of over 200,000, so that the needs within this area were quite high as well as the volume of information stored during the last fifteen years.

    Moreover, during the recession Spain was suffering incredibly low unemployment rates, so these types of municipal services were more necessary than ever before.

  2. And better serve more people without increasing the resources available

    For the team of government, the situation was becoming frustrating, because the resources allocated to this area crashed against some obsolete applications and a way of working sluggish, something common in all municipalities.

    Even the workers of the employment area had an exact knowledge of the courses available, let alone citizens. Thus, it was difficult for counselors to provide adequate support to people who came to the department, since neither was available tools to keep track of employability pathways agreed with the citizens. Moreover, there were no metrics or any form of knowing the success of the training plans and employment carried out.

    This lack of tools that many of the processes were made by hand, with the loss of time and waste of resources that this entails joined; besides the discomfort of having an application for each type of course. Under the circumstances, the government team decided to find a solution that would allow you to manage this department more efficiently.

  3. An innovative solution that allowed dynamic employment area

    In 2010, the government team decided to implement EMPLOYMENT cividas not only with the aim of improving the management of courses, but to change the way people work in this department of vital importance for citizens.

    The solution adopted included completely innovative tools and that until then were not available in any other municipality of Spain, allowing the department to add new services for citizens, such as job management, maintenance of CV, interview schedules, tracking routes, etc. Also noteworthy is the ability of citizens to enroll in all available online courses, information on the number of seats or sign up on the waiting list.

    Both these new services such as management courses, happened to be controlled from a single solution, rather than the different applications that previously existed.Defined the procedures necessary to manage courses, automating many of the tasks previously done manually: availability and reserve resources (classrooms, materials, personnel …), student management, control systems, documentation generation (emission diplomas, educational materials …), etc.

  4. Better served citizens and public resources better utilized

    The measure adopted by the government team could not be better received by employees, which immediately found in cividas EMPLOYMENT an ally to make your job more agile, easier and above all to enable them to help more effectively to people in need. Team of government and public employees themselves felt now that resources and efforts were rewarded every time an unemployed person could complete his training and access to a job.

    Besides economic and in terms of quality of service advantages, became responsible for the department to have tools that show them what actions were more successful and which should be modified, as well as potential bottlenecks or lack of resources in some processing on concrete.

    The success of the solution led the government team to take the decision to implement cividas to manage all kinds of activities in the municipality, as broadly operation does not differ much from the training. Today, employees and citizens cividas used to manage and enroll in activities related to the municipal library network activities, youth information services or scientific museums.

    EMPLOYMENT cividas, including procedures adapted to manage the above activities, is already the second most used solution throughout the municipality, although currently still is training users so they can take full potential of its extensive functionality.