cividas LOCAL


Management of local entities

cividas LOCAL allows bringing the benefits of eGovernment to Local Entities quickly and easily, improving their internal organization and their services provided to citizens.

There are a great number of procedures that are carried out within most Local Entities (municipalities, commonwealth associations, councils, etc.); they can be managed more effectively with an eGovernment platform, but most likely these entities, in contrast to large administrations, do not have the capacity or the need to develop their own procedures.

cividas LOCAL is based on cividas e-GOV, an advanced platform for e-Government, and has been adapted to the most common needs of a local entity, in order to facilitate its implementation.

It includes over 350 types of predefined procedures that correspond with different areas and can be implemented quickly and easily, with minimal effort. It is the perfect solution for local administrations that want to improve the management of the services provided to citizens, as well as reducing their costs.

cividas LOCAL features

  1. Based on the e-Government platform cividas e-GOV
    • Electronic Office: online registration, service catalog, citizen folder, generating and downloading flyers and certificates.
    • Records management by process: data and procedures (by type) per case, workflows indicating the sequence of steps and who must carry them out, forms to assist users during the performance of procedures, document templates that are completed automatically by using the data from the records or the formalities.
    • Modeling tools: intuitive and graphical design of workflows, forms, rules and document templates without requiring programming skills; and the ability to implement changes in real time while the platform is running (24×7).
    • More: attendance registration, document management, electronic signature, notifications.
  2. Ideal for Local Government
    • A solution that adapts the potential of eGovernment platform cividas e-GOV to the needs of municipalities, facilitating its implementation.
  3. Areas of procedure included
    • Urban planning (51)
    • Procurement (35)
    • Tax collection (37)
    • Local Development and Employment (17)
    • Personnel Management (23)
    • Social Assistance (35)
    • Electoral register and census (33)
    • Environment (19)
    • Others
  4. Integration with existing applications and systems
    • Connectors that allow sharing information with other applications and already existing systems within the administration, such as electoral registry, cadastre, accounting, document management, registration, etc.

Success Story


Leading a Local Entity towards the modernity it deserves

  1. The need for eGovernment to a small town.

    The Mancomunidad de Vigo is an association of municipalities bordering the city with the same name in Galicia, Spain which between 2007 and 2008 decided to implement the eGovernment cividas. The associated consisted of nine municipalities of which one was Nigrán.

    Nigrán is a small municipality of 19,000 inhabitants, due to its coastal location its population triples during the summer months. This privileged location in Rias Baixas and its proximity to a large city such as Vigo, had, in recent years, led to a strong growth in both population and the number of records to process in the City Council.

  2. A process of continuous improvement that adapts to the limitations of this administration.

    Despite its growth, the City Council of Nigrán was still of a relatively small size, limited both in personnel and physical space.

    Its 50 public employees, among which there were none specialized in computer science, began to have trouble answering the increase of cases to handle, which eventually led to an increase in the response time. Added to this was the lack of unified information on the procedures that were carried out, and the existence of different independent systems with scattered information.

    All this motivated the government team to take on a project in order to modernize the administration and to be able to meet their growing needs, but with a solution that suited their small size which at the same time could evolve along with their growing needs.

  3. Progressive implementation of procedures and dynamic staff.

    The City Council of Nigrán decided to implement cividas LOCAL in 2008 and carry out a process of continuous improvement, with a focus on improving and handling processes and not to act as an instrument of control solution.

    The modular nature of cividas was essential, because it allowed them to adopt a solution capable of evolving and aimed towards achieving user acceptance. It was decided to start implementing procedures in a progressive way up to a total of 200, in order to encompass all areas of council management: city planning, procurement, tax collecting, personal, police, environment, etc.

    Moreover, they bought a dynamic service for their employees or a period of two years, in which one of our eGovernment cividas experts provided professional technical support.

  4. Increased efficiency, succesful change management and flawless user acceptance.

    The result was a huge success for the government team of Nigrán and the public employees of this council, who today still use cividas LOCAL for the processing of administrative records from all areas of the City Council. The staff quickly realized the incredible benefits this solution gave them when their work because easier and more efficient, which resulted in a close cooperation of the team in order to finally be successful.

    They have managed more than 12,000 records with cividas LOCAL since 2008, spread among 15 the different areas of the municipality. The success of the solution has caused an increased efficiency as well a very easy change management process thanks to an iterative way of implementation which is adapted to the way the way users work. The acceptance of the users is an essential key factor for achieving success.