We haven’t stopped looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of administrations and the services offered to the citizens. Therefore, we have developed a new completely renewed version of cividas. For more details, we recommend visiting our demos.

These are some of the new features:

New electronic office

The first meeting point with the citizens on the internet now has an improved functionality and appearance. The new office facilitates the access by permitting authentication with digital certificates using SSL, also eliminating the dependencies on JAVA. Also, we incorporated the ability to edit content, so that every Administration can, in a dynamic manner, manage all the information that appears online.

cividas sede electronica

Improvements in records management

Our tool for the internal transactions now has several improvements that facilitate the work of the users. Improvements among which:

  • Physical localization associated with the records in order to be able to indicate where they occurred.
  • New icons for the rapid access to the functionalities associated to the documentation that agilize the work.
  • Testing of the state of revocation of certificates in order to prevent signing those that are not in force.

Our records management system now has a new visual appearance, which is more modern and elegant. Nevertheless, the administrations that do not want to change the appearance of their application can also update to the new version while maintaining the current appearance.

New system for the management of announcements

Enjoy the new functionalities in the management of announcements, such as a direct access to the ones that still have not been read by the users.

New PDF viewer

More options are now available when working with PDF archives and better quality of expanded visualization.


Different signature templates

Work with different templates and change the location of its components (signature, barcode, QR code, etc.) in order to adapt itself to the different official formats of the Administration.

plantillas firma

Automatic creation and sending of records

Facilitating and agilizing the registration tasks in a completely parametrizable manner. 


New configuration screen for zoning and incorporation of the SNI code (Statistics National Institute) in order to facilitate the interoperability.

Audit of web access

Register of the accesses in the electronic office by the citizens, including the DNI, the date and the hour of access.

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