contratación pública
Public employees transacted files manually.

A Spanish medium-sized city council managed manually in 2011 its recruitment procedures and tender. Previously he had tried to implement a software solution, but for various reasons had not been successful among public employees.

These procedures involve many employees in the municipality. Whether it is building a new library, hire the services of a transport company or acquire new uniforms for the municipal gardening equipment, any area of ​​the city must be able to initiate a procurement procedure.

Beyond the application, it is also necessary to manage the preparation of contracts, publication, execution tracking and billing. All these phases, its complexity and the number of council areas that are affected, gives an idea of ​​the importance of efficient management of these procedures.

Implement an efficient solution and boost its use among users.

The council needed to find a solution that would streamline procurement processes, as anything worth having him funds to improve the lives of their citizens if they could not spend it at the right time. Delays in this regard were causing delayed responses to urgent problems and loss of resources to perform paperwork and repetitive tasks.

Moreover, it was necessary to facilitate the work of suppliers and increase the visibility of contests. In this way, they tried to reach the best possible suppliers, increasing the level of competition in competitions and so be eligible for more advantageous offers.

The government team of the City Council decided to take action on the matter and find a new solution for managing this type of procedures that attend more efficiently to the needs of public employees and thus definitively abandon these manual processing.

Standardized procedures and automatic publication PLACE.

In 2011, the government team decided to implement cividas PROCUREMENT, starting with the definition of procurement procedures in all areas of the city council, and including monitoring, publication and creation of invoices.

The solution allows you to manage all types of contracts (less, open or restricted, negotiated with or without advertising or competitive dialogue) and covers all phases of each process, starting with your request and the preparation of contracts. Although each competition has its own characteristics, procedures should be standardized for the entire municipality and all types of contracts.

One of the stages where the municipality managed to eliminate more work was duplicated in the publication of tenders. Thanks to the connector of the State Procurement Platform (PLACE) was possible to extract information and automatically publish contracts on the platform, saving the trouble of having to re-enter this data. Besides PLACE, tenders became automatically also published in the Contractor Profile of the Electronic Town Hall and in the official gazettes.

To facilitate the creation of invoices, the digital signature and electronic portafirmas implemented by cividas PROCUREMENT provided to enable those responsible to approve the invoices submitted by suppliers from anywhere and at any time is used.

The solution facilitated and made more efficient work of employees, achieving acceptance.

After a process of training and stimulation in the town hall, public employees began using cividas PROCUREMENT and found the advantages that they had to work this way about how they had been doing so far, avoiding many mistakes, confusion and conflict.

Thanks to the support of employees, the government team was able to implement a solution that significantly improved the image of the city council regarding their suppliers, who now see it as a reliable and efficient customer service.

This also improved the image of the town hall in front of the public as being more transparent by publishing all information on all contracts, the citizen can know in detail how public resources are spent.

The interest in the solution was such that many of the workers using PROCUREMENT cividas to start recruitment procedures, began to demand cividas to manage all your records, extending to other areas such as urban planning, intervention, law enforcement, raising …

Today, already has handled over 20,000 records with cividas, which is present in all areas of the city council and is used by 90% of the workforce. A success of the government team, which did not give up after a first attempt to overcome manual processing and finally found an ally in cividas better use of resources of the city council and facilitate the work of its employees.

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