We have a long experience in the Public Sector, mainly in Galicia (Spain), with major whose administrations have collaborated over the years. In some cases cividas solutions were implemented, while others chose to developments completely custom, as is the case of the Province of Castilla and Leon, the City Council of A Coruña, the AMTEGA and the Directorate-General of Local Government (Province of Galicia).

Then, it's shown a list of the main public entities in which it has been implemented any of the cividas solutions:

  1. Prefecture of Valinhos (Brazil)
    • Management of internal processes in the area of Town Planning
    • Electronic Office: telematic submission of applications and the ability to check the current status of the ongoing process
    • Digitization of cadastral records
  2. Deputation of Pontevedra
    • Management of subsidies, procedures of recruitment, bills, special investment plans, etc
    • Electronic Office for providing e-Administration services to the citizen
  3. Deputation of A Coruña
    • Grant management
  4. Council of Ourense
    • Management of records at the departments of Town Planning, Recruitment, Environment, Social Services and others
  5. Council of Vigo
    • System for the integral management of social services
    • Modernization of the vehicle fleet of the Local Police
    • Integration of new technologies in the management of public funds and in the delivery of services to the citizen
  6. Council of Pontevedra
    • Internal platform for Electronic Administration (registry of entries/exits, management of records, electronic signature, etc)
    • Management of electronic invoices (Integrated with PLACE)
  7. Council of Oleiros
    • Internal platform for Electronic Administration (management of records, electronic signature, etc)
    • Management of recruitment records (Integrated with PLACE)
  8. Council of Vilagarcía de Arousa
    • Internal platform for Electronic Administration
    • Management of cementaries
    • Management of patrimonial inventory
  9. Galician Institute for Housing and Land of the Province of Galicia
    • Integral system for the registration and distribution of records
  10. Company of Radio and Television of Galicia (CRTVG)
    • Recruitment records management
  11. Other public entities
    • Council of Ferrol, Council of Vilaboa, Council of Tomiño and Council of Marín
    • Commonwealth of Vigo, consisting of the councils of Nigrán, Mos, Salceda de Caselas and Soutomaior
    • Commonwealth of O Salnés, consisting of the Councils of Sanxenxo, O Grove, Cambados, Vilanova de Arousa, A Illa de Arousa, Meis and Ribadumia