contratación pública

Public employees transacted files manually. A Spanish medium-sized city council managed manually in 2011 its recruitment procedures and tender. Previously he had tried to implement a software solution, but for various reasons had not been successful among public employees. These procedures involve many employees in the municipality. Whether it is building a new library, hire […]


The complexity of managing grants in a deputation. A Spanish council manages the application and grant among a population that borders the million inhabitants spread over 60 municipalities. So far, the management of these grants has been ongoing with applications developed by specialists of the council, to adequately respond to their needs. Grant management is […]


Limited and obsolete applications in the area of employment of a municipality. Employment area of a Spanish municipality in 2010 offered training courses for unemployed people. For the past 15 years, these courses were being managed through several applications, one for each type of course. The municipality had a population over 200,000, so that the […]

entidad local

The need for eGovernment to a small town. Mancomunidad de Vigo is an association of municipalities bordering this town in southern Galicia, which between 2007 and 2008 decided to implement the eGovernment cividas. One of the nine municipalities that were part of that association was Nigrán, whose case we have chosen to illustrate this successful […]

servicios sociales

The wide variety of situations to intervene prevented an agile management of Social Services. The social services department of a Spanish municipality is responsible for providing assistance to all citizens in need, provided they meet the requirements. The process is divided into two phases: first, one looks at the person and the type of help […]

procesos catastrales

Rapid urban growth required a more streamlined council. A Brazilian city with over 100,000 inhabitants and 150 km² of extension had increased exponentially in recent years due to its proximity to one of the main cities of the country and an international airport. This increase in population had generated a strong urban growth and the […]