cividas supports the following market standards:

  • Databases: Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Servers: Windows and Linux.
  • Users: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

As for requirements, it is necessary to divide the functionality of cividas solutions between what refers to internal processing and other issues concerning citizen relationship:

  • Internal processing: record management is performed through solutions that work over the Internet, so it must be hosted on a server that allows this type of remote access. This way, a better user experience is provided in comparison to the traditional desktop applications, allowing to access from anywhere in the world, with maximum security without needing applications for graphical emulation such as Terminal Server or Citrix. Public employees access the solution through a link on a web page or directly from an icon on the desktop, while the associated resources are deployed from a web server and are automatically downloaded to the PC the first time they have accessed the solution or if changes have occurred since the last download. This way it ensures that customers are always updated and upgrading is centralised. The only requirement to run these solutions is having the Java virtual machine avaliable.
  • Citizen Relationship : the main requirement for citizens being able to access and use the Electronic Office is to have a relatively modern browser that supports HTML5Also, in case you wish to authenticate and sign documents digitally with @firma client, you need to have the Java virtual machine.

cividas is based on ontimize, a corporate framework that greatly facilitates the development of "business applications" (also called management or enterprise applications) within a stable environment.ontimize allows creating multi-device applications, especially suitable for users who must work on the move, such as sales agents, installers technicians, etc;this type of mobile applications support the most commonly used standards, such as Android and iOS, and do not require the Java virtual machine.

Although cividas solutions are very complete comprehensive and configurable, some customers need to develop additional modules that meet very specific needs. This task can be carried out either by the customer or by our technicians, in any case, it is relatively simple thanks to the rapid development tools available and ontimize's declarative approach, which greatly reduces the code needed to develop software.

Moreover, cividas solutions are designed for easy integration with other systems and applications commonly used in public administration, by using connectors:


  • Document Management
  • Accounting
  • Registry
  • Census
  • Document translation
  • GIS
  • LDAP / SSO


  • Red SARA
  • SIUSS (Social Services)
  • BDNS (Grants)
  • Land Registry
  • PLACE (Procurement)